How Do Bugs & Rodents Get Into Albuquerque Homes?
February 8, 2023

How Do Bugs & Rodents Get Into Albuquerque Homes?

Do you ever wonder how ants, roaches, and other bugs make their way inside? Seriously, you never see them walk across the threshold of the front door and yet they show up in the kitchen the second-floor bathroom, and other rooms throughout the entire house. In today’s blog post, we’re going to take a closer look at how insects and rodents make their way into Albuquerque homes.

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How bugs & rodents get in your home

Pests are opportunistic and enter Albuquerque homes any way they can. We realize that’s not exactly a helpful answer so let’s drill down. Here are several ways insects and rodents make sneak inside homes in our area:

Cracks and gaps
Insects and some rodents can slip through small cracks and gaps in the walls, foundation, and around windows and doors.

Open doors and windows
Flying and crawling insects easily enter structures through open doors and windows.

Plumbing and pipes

Cockroaches, silverfish, and other small insects use pipes and drains that are not properly sealed or covered as means of entrance.

It’s entirely possible to introduce ants and other insects into your home when you bring in firewood from the stack outside without inspecting it first.

Fleas and ticks are notorious for hitching rides on pets.

Groceries, cardboard boxes & other miscellaneous items

While you hope your produce is bug-free, it’s entirely possible to inadvertently introduce spiders and other bugs in the grocery bag that carried your fruits and veggies home. Likewise, secondhand furniture and used clothing have been known to harbor fugitive bed bugs, and cardboard boxes stored in outbuildings may contain both insects and rodents.

How to keep insects and rodents out of the house

To prevent pests from getting inside your Albuquerque home, our local pest control company recommends the following pest prevention tips:

  • Seal cracks, crevices, and other gaps on the exterior of the house
  • Close up gaps around pipes and wires
  • Keep windows and doors (this includes garage doors) closed when not in use
  • Repair or replace torn window screens
  • Make sure weather stripping is in good working order
  • Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink
  • Empty trash regularly and make sure outdoor bins close securely
  • Store food in airtight containers
  • Vacuum, sweep, and mop floors often
  • Clean countertops including those spaces around appliances where grease and food build-up after each use
  • Declutter closets and other storage areas

What to do if you’ve already got a pest problem

If you’ve already spotted ants in the kitchen, mice in the garage, or discovered another pest problem in or around your home, contact Greenway Pest Solutions today! Offering effective home pest control services in Albuquerque, our local team is ready to exterminate the insects and/or rodents active in your house and make sure they don’t have a chance to re-infest!

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