How Does The Monsoon Season In Albuquerque, NM Affect Mosquitoes
May 5, 2023

How Does The Monsoon Season In Albuquerque, NM Affect Mosquitoes

Heavy rains mean more mosquitoes in Albuquerque

How does the monsoon season in Albuquerque, New Mexico affect mosquitoes? This is a question that many homeowners in the area grapple with each year as they prepare for the onslaught of these pesky insects. In this blog post, we will explore the impact of monsoon season on mosquito populations and how to reduce mosquito activity on your property this summer. 

monsoon season in Albquerque NM

Monsoon season in Albuquerque and its effects on mosquito populations

Monsoon season in Albuquerque, New Mexico typically starts mid-June and extends until the end of September. This period is characterized by heavy rainfall, wetter and cooler days, as well as floods that create ideal breeding conditions for mosquitoes. As a result, mosquito populations tend to increase significantly during this time due to the abundance of standing water sources where these insects can breed and thrive.

Heavy rainfall creates optimal breeding grounds

The increased precipitation during the monsoon season leads to an accumulation of stagnant water around homes and properties. These areas become perfect habitats for mosquitoes to lay their eggs and multiply rapidly. In fact, female mosquitoes can lay several hundred eggs at once in a small amount of standing water.

Increased mosquito populations during monsoon season

The surge in mosquito numbers not only causes annoyance but also poses significant health risks due to the potential transmission of diseases like West Nile virus (WNV). With more opportunities for these pests to come into contact with humans or animals through feeding activities or breeding sites, it's important for homeowners to take proactive measures against them.

Mosquito prevention tips

To reduce the risk of mosquito-borne diseases during monsoon season, it is important to take precautions such as wearing long-sleeved clothing and using EPA-approved insect repellent. Additionally, our local pest control pros recommend:

Eliminating Standing Water Sources
Removing any standing water sources around the home is essential, as it provides an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. Check for areas such as flower pots, gutters, buckets, and birdbaths where water may accumulate. Regularly clean and empty these containers to ensure that they do not become a haven for mosquito larvae.

Removing mosquito resting spots 
Cutting down dense vegetation, thinning out shrubs and bushes, and trimming back tall grasses and overgrowth is helpful because it eliminates potential resting spots.

Sign up for seasonal mosquito treatments in Albuquerque

At Greenway Pest Solutions, we offer seasonal mosquito treatments in Albuquerque and throughout our New Mexico service area that are designed to significantly reduce mosquito activity from May through October. By treating your property every month, we not only exterminate adult mosquitoes, but also stop mosquitoes from reproducing. Our mosquito control services include:

  • Monthly mosquito fogging to treat soil, grass, gravel, flowers, bushes, non-bearing fruit and nut trees, plants, and other areas where mosquitoes rest and breed
  • Installation & monitoring of mosquito trapping stations
  • Monthly inspections & treatments of rain barrels, water troughs, koi ponds, and fish ponds

Don’t wait for mosquito bites to drive you indoors, contact us today!

While it’s true the monsoon season in Albuquerque can have a significant impact on mosquito populations, it is also true that our local pest control team can help you minimize mosquito activity on your property all summer long! For more information or to sign up for Greenway’s mosquito control, reach out today

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