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Norway Rats

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What do Norway rats look like?

From nose to tail, adult Norway rats are approximately 16 inches long. They have bristly brown fur scattered with black hair and undersides that are gray to white in color. Norway rats have blunted noses and small, close-set ears. 

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Pest Facts

Did you know?

  • Norway rats are more likely to occupy lower levels of homes and structures.
  • Norway rats have poor vision but their other senses are excellent.
  • Brown rat and sewer rat are aliases of the Norway rat.

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When are norway rats most active?

Very Active
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Where do Norway rats nest?

Outside, Norway rats are often found in fields, farmlands, sewers, garbage, woodpiles, and under slabs.

Inside, Norway rats often nest on the ground floor, basements, crawlspaces, and areas that are cluttered. 

What are Norway rats nests made out of?

Like mice, Norway rats often build nests using organic debris found outside and inside they line their nests with paper, cloth, and other fibrous materials they procure. 

What do Norway rats eat?

Norway rats will eat nearly any kind of food but given the choice, they will choose fresh meats and grains over stale food. Interestingly enough, Norway rats usually require a water source other than the liquid found in their food. 

Are Norway rats dangerous?

As is the case with mice and other types of rats, Norway rats are carriers of serious diseases and may transmit rat-bite fever, salmonellosis, and other illness.

They are also just as likely as other rodents to cause minor to significant damage by gnawing on anything they can get their teeth on. Their urine and feces can also cause damage. 

Why do I have a Norway rat problem?

Norway rats often enter homes and other structures looking for food and water sources. If your property is easily accessible, meaning there’s an opening at least the size of a quarter, Norway rats could very well become a problem. 

How do you get rid of Norway rats?

If you’re concerned that Norway rats or other rodents have infested your home or business, contact Greenway Pest Solutions. Offering effective pest control services that eliminate and prevent rat activity, our team is ready to help you solve your Norway rat problem. 

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