Pests That Would Love To Infest Your Home
February 14, 2024

Pests That Would Love To Infest Your Home

It is Valentine's Day here in Albuquerque, and love is in the air. It is the time of year when you think about being with the one you love. It is also the time of year when certain pests think about being with you. If you know a bit about them, you can keep them from cozying up in your home and sharing their lives with you.

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We have a variety of ants in Albuquerque and they can cause trouble any time of the year. They love getting into your home because they find crumbs to eat and moisture to drink. They also enjoy the slightly warmer temperatures in your home, though they survive just fine outdoors, all year long.

As they crawl around indoors, they can get into trouble. They climb in trash bins, crawl on counters, and get into food packages. That activity can make you sick, as ants have the ability to pick up tiny microorganisms and spread them. It is best to keep ants outside where they belong. One way to deter them is by keeping things clean.


Rats and mice can get into your home any time of year. They get into your home when they find tiny openings that promise a safe cavity beyond. Rodents nest in protected spaces, like structural cavities. They'll do this any time of the year.

Once inside your home, rodents explore every inch. As they do, they leave their hairs, fecal matter, ticks, and other unpleasant stuff. They also cause damage as they crawl around inside wall voids and attic spaces. Worst of all, they can chew on wires and spark a fire. You can apply rodent-proofing materials to deter unwanted Valentine's Day visitations. 


There is no other pest quite like the cockroach. It can scale walls and run across ceilings at full speed. When it finds a gap, it can compress its body, shoot its legs out to the sides, and scrap its way in. Sometimes, roaches get into homes in February. They can come in from the outdoors or hitchhike into homes by way of couches and other household items.

Once in your home, roaches leave their fecal matter and shed skins as they grow a population. They also pick up microorganisms is in unsanitary places and spread them. In your food cabinets and pantry, cockroaches can chew holes in paper and cardboard packaging, contaminating the contents. It is best to avoid having these unhygienic insects in your home. Keep your home clean and always inspect used items before bringing them into your home.


Creepy crawly spiders are common indoor pests in Albuquerque. They find small openings and explore them. Once in your home, they'll stay if they find a food source. A home with insect activity is perfect for a spider.

All spiders have fangs and venom, but some are not able to bite. They just leave their unsightly webs everywhere. Some spiders bite but have a mild venom. There are only two spiders that are considered a medical concern. They are brown recluse spiders and black widows. Seal entry points, remove webs, and eliminate other insects to deter spiders. 

What you can do about Valentine's pests

It is hard to make pests stop loving you. While you can keep things clean and seal potential entry points they use to get into your home, the best way to keep them out is with a pest control service plan. That's where your Greenway Pest Solutions team can help. Our customized home pest control plan provides your home and family with ongoing protection.

  • We apply a liquid application around your exterior to stop ants, roaches, spiders, and other pests from entering.
  • We apply spot treatments to reduce pest populations. Since it is a bug-eat-bug world, reduced insect activity will result in fewer overall pests.
  • We remove spiderwebs around your exterior and dispose of spider egg sacs to keep spiders from crawling on your exterior and finding a way indoors.
  • We install exterior rodent bait stations to stop mice and rats from getting inside. 
  • We perform inspections and track pest activity, so that mice, rats, wasps, and other pests don't sneak up on you.

It pays to have ongoing pest management for your home. These are just some of the ways we help you keep pests out around Valentine's Day and throughout the rest of the year. Want to learn more about pest control in Albuquerque or elsewhere in our New Mexico service area? Contact your Greenway Pest Solutions team today. When it comes to keeping pests out, it pays to go with the experts.   

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