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Blood-Sucking Pests In New Mexico

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According to the National Pest Management Association, nearly 1 in 3 Americans (or 30%) are concerned about being bitten by blood-sucking pests like mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and bed bugs. Considering this statistic, we've decided to put together this quick resource to help you better understand these pests and reduce your fear. We'll also give you some expert tips to help you keep your home free of these unwanted guests.

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Facts to know about mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are considered the deadliest animals in the world due to their link to malaria, yellow fever, dengue, and other viral contagions. Fortunately, in the United States, we are somewhat protected. Why? It has mostly to do with the widespread application of mosquito population mitigation. Municipalities, companies, and homeowners all do their part to reduce these pests.

When you're bitten in your yard, the risk of illness is quite low. But we are not without our troubles. West Nile virus and other viruses that cause encephalitis are a concern. You can reduce the risk by:

  • Removing stagnant water resources, which mosquitoes lay eggs in.
  • Maintaining dry landscaping to reduce desirable hiding places for mosquitoes.
  • Addressing weeds in your lawn, which provide nectar, a primary food source for mosquitoes.

These simple steps can make a difference, and spring is a great time to get out there and get started with mosquito control.

Facts to know about ticks and fleas

Ticks in New Mexico are known vectors of Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tick relapsing fever, tularemia, and Colorado tick fever, while infected fleas can spread the plague. Flea bites may also trigger allergic reactions in both people and pets. Fortunately, not all ticks and fleas that enter your yard are infected. These pests pick up disease bacteria when they bite animals that are infected. So, while you needn't fear these pests, it is a good idea to guard against exposure. Here are a few ways you can avoid contact with these biting pests:

  • Limit wildlife activity in your yard as wild animals carry ticks and fleas onto your property and near your home.
  • Manage food sources, such as seeds, nuts, and garbage.
  • Make sure your dog or cat has veterinarian-approved tick and flea products to deter these pests.
  • Trim landscaping to reduce damp habitats where ticks and fleas can develop.
  • Vacuum pet beds and other areas where pets sleep regularly.

Facts to know about bed bugs

Few insects are as feared as the dreaded bed bug. But, unlike the other pests mentioned above, these insects are not known to transmit diseases to people. So, they have that going for them. Unfortunately, there is a big downside to having bed bugs in your home. They will slip out of their hiding spots at night to come looking for blood, and they will leave behind red itchy bites. Also, they will only grow in numbers if not treated promptly. Here are a few tips to keep bed bugs from infesting:

  • When you spend the night somewhere, always do a quick bed bug check. Look for black streaks or spots on sheets and pillowcases. Check mattress seams for black fecal matter, white eggs, shed skins, or bed bugs.
  • While you're away, protect your laundry items. A plastic trash bag and a zip tie are all you need.
  • When you return home from staying overnight, wash and dry all articles of clothing.
  • Perform routine inspections in your home to catch bed bugs early.

How the pest control pros at Greenway Pest Solutions can help

You're never alone when it comes to keeping your home pest-free. There are many ways your Greenway Pest Solutions team can help you stop blood-sucking pests from causing trouble throughout the year.

It pays to have a pest expert on your side. If you're concerned about mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, or bed bugs getting into your New Mexico home (or business), reach out to Greenway Pest Solutions today. Offering effective solutions in Albuquerque, Mesquite, and Santa Fe, as well as throughout our entire service area, our team is ready to help!  

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