Are Bed Bugs Common In Albuquerque?
August 10, 2023

Are Bed Bugs Common In Albuquerque?

Are bed bugs common in Albuquerque? You bet they are, and they’re even more so during the summer months. And really no place is exempt from dealing with these biting pests. From dormitories to hotels, single-family homes to apartment complexes - bed bugs have made themselves at home. But here’s the kicker- even though bed bugs are common in Albuquerque and New Mexico, armed with knowledge about bed bug behavior, knowing how to identify the signs of bed bugs, and what to do if these insects show up, residents can fight back effectively.

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The seasonality of bed bugs

Bed bugs are a persistent pest problem year-round, and they don’t really have a season per se. That said, industry experts across the country tend to notice an uptick in bed bug infestations during the summer months.

Why there are more cases of bed bugs in the summer

  • Increased travel
    Bed bug infestations are more common during times of increased travel, such as holidays and vacations. When families are enjoying their summer getaways, bed bug are hitching rides on luggage, clothing, and other belongings, spreading to new locations.
  • Crowded places
    Areas with higher population densities, or places where people congregate in larger numbers, such as hotels, airports, and public transportation, tend to be more prone to bed bug activity.
  • Warmer weather
    While bed bugs can survive in a range of temperatures, warmer weather can potentially contribute to faster development and reproduction of bed bug populations.
  • Frequent occupancy turnover
    Hotels, motels, and other commercial lodgings, as well as short-term rentals are often bed bug hotspots because people frequently come and go.

Understanding bed bugs and their behaviors

Maybe it’s just us, but bed bugs are interesting - starting as eggs, moving through several nymph stages before becoming adult bed bugs. What’s more, bed bugs are primarily nocturnal and feed on human blood while people are sleeping. They are attracted to the warmth and carbon dioxide exhaled by sleeping individuals. During the day, these pests avoid detection by hiding in cracks and crevices, seams, and other hard to get to areas near their hosts.

Signs of bed bugs

If you spot any adult bed bugs or find traces of their reddish-brown feces on your mattress, bedding, or elsewhere around your place, it might be time to sound the alarm. You could also wake up with unexplained bites on your skin - a surefire sign they've been feasting while you sleep. In addition to finding live bed bugs and discovering bed bug bites, other signs of a bed bug problem include:

  • Tiny, white bed bug eggs
  • Molted skins shed by bed bugs as they grow
  • Blood stains on bedding

How travel contributes to bed bug spread

You've prepped your suitcase, you're primed for a journey. But have you considered the potential stowaways? I'm talking about bed bugs. These stubborn pests are notorious hitchhikers and can easily sneak into luggage or clothing in infested environments and return to your Albuquerque home with you. It's not uncommon for travelers to unintentionally bring back these unwanted souvenirs from their trips. And of course, once they’ve arrived, bed bugs will reproduce quickly once they find a suitable habitat at home.

The bed bug risk associated with second-hand items

Purchasing second-hand furniture and belongings also poses a risk when it comes to spreading bed bugs. Garage sales, antique shops, and consignment stores might be treasure troves of unique finds, but hidden within could be bed bugs just waiting for the opportunity to come home with you.

Practical bed bug advice for homeowners

To avoid bringing back any uninvited guests after traveling, you should inspect your accommodations for signs of bed bugs and notify management immediately if you find anything suspect.

  • Inspect your belongings upon returning for home and never unpack indoors. Always open your suitcase outside or in the garage where you don’t have to worry about bed bugs slipping away.
  • Wash your garments in the hottest water the fabric will allow and dry on the highest setting the clothing can handle.
  • Carefully examine second-hand items before introducing them into your living space.

Why DIY bed bug removal doesn’t work

Tackling an infestation on your own? That's one tall order. Bed bug resilience is legendary. They breed faster and let's not forget about how easily they spread from room to room, or unit to unit.

What to do if you find bed bugs in your home

Since 2009, Greenway Pest Solutions has been resolving insect and rodent infestation for residents in Santa Fe, Los Alamos, and throughout the Albuquerque metro, and this includes bed bugs. Our team of pest control specialists are highly trained and ready to exterminate bed bugs using effective bed bug treatments that include physical removal, steam, and conventional products.  

For effective bed bug control in Albuquerque, you can rely on our team. Request your free bed bug quote today!

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