Mosquito Season in New Mexico: What Homeowners Need to Know
April 5, 2024

Mosquito Season in New Mexico: What Homeowners Need to Know

There are millions upon millions of mosquitoes here in New Mexico, far too many to count. Despite this, it is possible to track these pests and adequately guess how common they will be on any given day. All you must do is pay attention. If you would like to know your risk of a mosquito bite, day by day, here in New Mexico, we have what you need to know. Let’s talk about mosquito season and break down some strategies that work to prevent these pests. Call Greenway Pest Solutions today if you need immediate professional help dealing with these local biting insects, and we’ll send an experienced pest control specialist your way. Your technician will inspect your property for mosquito attractants and utilize industry-leading treatments to help you stop these biting pests. 

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When is mosquito season in New Mexico?

Mosquitoes prefer to live in favorable weather conditions, and they become inactive in too hot or cold conditons. In New Mexico, mosquitoes prefer temperatures between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit and become inactive below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Mosquito season usually starts when the temperature is perfect for mosquitoes and when the conditions are humid. Mosquitoes love moisture and breed in wetlands, marshes, swamps, lakes, ponds, and pools. Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in pools of water. If there is heavy rainfall in spring and summer, mosquitoes will breed more and cause trouble around your property. To monitor mosquito activity levels, you can keep an eye on the weather forecast and use a bug barometer.

How to track mosquito populations with the NPMA’s Bug Barometer

The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) releases its bi-annual Bug Barometer. This considers a myriad of factors to assess how bad bugs will be in the different regions of the United States. Currently, they suggest that water-loving bugs, like mosquitoes, will be delayed in the southwest region. This is due to below-average rainfall and warmer spring temperatures. What does this mean for mosquitoes? It means there will be fewer of these biting pests and more pests like scorpions. Let’s talk about some methods to deter these pests before rain comes in New Mexico. 

How to prevent mosquitoes from taking over your property

Mosquitoes have a hard time living on a dry property. If you would like to keep these pests away from your yard and home this spring and summer, you need to address moisture problems. Here are a few mosquito prevention tips to try:  

  • Check your gutters and make sure they are clean and damage-free. We recommend having your gutters cleaned at least once a year.
  • Walk around your property after it rains and look for areas of rainwater build-up. Pour out sources of water you find and address conditions that might lead to build-up in the future.
  • Consider getting rid of ornate pools and bird baths. You can also invest in baths and pools that self-circulate water. 
  • Trim back tree branches and bushes away from your home’s exterior. This will provide fewer places for mosquitoes to hide.

These tips and tricks are great for reducing mosquito populations on your property. However, they are not a perfect fix. If you would like to avoid mosquito bites this year, contact Greenway Pest Solutions!

The best way to control mosquitoes in Albuquerque

It is hard to enjoy your property when mosquitoes are around. Avoid these pests this year by signing up for seasonal mosquito control with Greenway Pest Solutions. Available in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Mesquite, and throughout our service area, we will inspect your property for mosquito hot spots, address breeding grounds, and use proven products to treat your yard every month May through October. All of this will help you avoid annoying mosquito bites.

Reach out to Greenway Pest Solutions to learn more about mosquito control or to get a free quote for your New Mexico property. We will answer your questions and schedule a treatment with one of our qualified pest control specialists. Don’t wait to reclaim your outdoor spaces. Call today!

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