What Should I Do If My Neighbor Has A Rodent Problem?
March 6, 2024

What Should I Do If My Neighbor Has A Rodent Problem?

If you have learned that your neighbor is struggling with a rodent problem and are concerned that they may appear on your property next, the first step you should take is to assess the conditions that might attract them. In this context, we will discuss some key factors that influence where rats and mice choose to live and provide some practical tips to help you prevent your neighbor's rodent problem from becoming your own. If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact your local Greenway Pest Solutions team. We are your trusted NM pest control experts, and we are happy to help.

rat in albuquerque eating from a knocked down bird feeder

How mice and rats find their way around

Rodents may leave your neighbor’s property and venture onto yours in search of resources, such as food, water, and shelter. But how do they manage to find their way around and locate these new sources? Well, it’s all thanks to their keen senses.

They rely on their whiskers to navigate
Have you ever seen a video of a rodent running along a wall? Do you know why they do this? It is because they have poor eyesight and use their sense of touch to navigate. Rather than use fingers like us, rats and mice use their whiskers instead. In a practice known as whisking, these rodents move their whiskers back and forth rhythmically to find their way around and to recognize objects.  

Their sense of smell is excellent
Rodents have an incredible sense of smell. If they catch a scent in the air that promises a meal, they're likely to investigate. A common attractant for mice and rats is the smell of garbage. Rodents aren't nearly as picky as humans about what they'll eat. When they smell decaying organic matter, they'll head in that direction, even without touch stimuli. It should be noted that rodents can also smell food inside homes and structures.

They hear very well
Both mice and rats have excellent hearing and can detect sound in the range of 100 Hz to 90,000 Hz. Not only is that superior to human hearing, but it also allows them to detect ultrasonic sound. This allows them to move about, receive information from colony members, and avoid encounters with us.

What rodents are looking for 

All rodents are motivated by their bellies. They want to live near food sources. If your yard has food, they may encroach. Let's look at potential food sources that could attract these nuisance and destructive pests to your yard.

  • Bird feeders
  • Fruit and other natural food sources
  • Garbage cans, especially ones overflowing with trash
  • Pet food
  • Pet waste
  • Grease from the grill
  • Bugs

If you're diligent in eliminating food sources, decluttering your yard, and keeping your lawn free of tall grass, weeds, and other vegetation that could act as hiding spots, you can deter rats and mice from choosing your property and nesting inside your home. You can also prevent them from getting into your home by sealing entry points, keeping entry doors and garage doors closed when not in use, and addressing plumbing issues.

Professional rodent control is the best way to keep mice & rats out

Unfortunately, mice and rats only need a small opening to get inside, and if a hole is not big enough, they will make it larger using their ever-growing incisors. Once inside, rodents can spread germs, contaminate areas with their droppings and urine, and cause damage by chewing on anything they can find.

If rodents have already invaded your yard or home, we can help. Offering effective pest control services in Albuquerque, Los Alamos, and Santa Fe, as well as throughout our service area, our local exterminating company offers effective pest control services that take care of mice and rats!

Our year-round home pest control services include:

  • An initial inspection
  • Interior pest treatments for rodents and other house-infesting pests
  • Exterior pest solutions that stop rodents and insects from getting inside
  • Setting exterior rodent stations, if necessary
  • And so much more!

In addition to our residential services, our team also offers commercial pest control services that keep rodents out of restaurants, rental properties, and other facilities. For more information or to request a free quote, connect with us by phone, use the chat feature on our website, or complete the form below! We're here to help you find the right rodent control solutions for your property.

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