Why Won't Ants Go Away?
August 25, 2023

Why Won't Ants Go Away?

Have you discovered unwelcome guests in your home this summer? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, homeowners in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and throughout New Mexico are reporting seeing ants right now. What’s more, they’re tired of sharing their space with these pests. In this blog post, we'll dive into the nitty-gritty of why ants are making themselves at home, share some helpful pest prevention tips to keep ants out, and of course, what to do if ants have already infested your home.

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Why are ants making themselves so comfortable in our homes?

To quote Sophia from Golden Girls, picture it: you’re relaxing at home, sipping on a cool drink, when suddenly, you notice ants crawling on your kitchen counter like they have every right to be there. While that’s certainly not the case, ants infest homes because something is attracting them. Here are some common reasons why ants find your home the perfect place to infest:

  • Food sources
    Ants are opportunistic pests, always on the lookout for food. If you’ve got food crumbs or spills on the kitchen floor, counter tops, dining room table, or elsewhere in your home, you’re likely to attract ants. And when it comes to preferences, the sweeter the better for these nuisance pests!
  • Water & moisture sources
    Just like us, ants need water to survive. Leaky pipes, damp areas, and even pet water bowls can draw them.
  • Warm & secure shelter
    Harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures often trigger ants to seek shelter inside homes and other structures. This affords them the safety and protection they need to survive.
  • Easily accessible entry points
    Of course, ants can’t use your home as a shelter unless there’s a way in. Small cracks, gaps, or openings in the foundation or elsewhere on your home’s structure serve as potential entry points for ants. They will exploit those areas to gain access to your home.

Practical ant prevention tips

Enough is enough! If you want to show ants that you aren’t a homeowner to be trifled with, here are practical measures you can take to thwart ants this summer and all year round:

  • Clean like a pro
    Regularly sweep, mop, and vacuum to eliminate crumbs and food particles that ants love as well as erase the pheromone trails they leave behind to tell other ants where to go. You should also wipe down counters and tables, making sure no sugary residue is left behind.
  • Seal all entry points
    Seal those cracks and gaps in your walls, windows, and doors. Install weatherstripping and door sweeps.
  • Store food properly
    Keep all food, especially the sweet stuff, in airtight containers that ants will not be able to get into.
  • Pick up pet bowls
    If you have four-legged family members, be vigilant about cleaning up their food and water bowls. Don't let them turn into ant watering holes.
  • Fix leaks and eliminate moisture
    Fix any leaky faucets or pipes and identify and correct areas that are damp or excessively moist or humid.
  • Trim vegetation
    Trim back plants, shrubs, and tree limbs away from your home. You should also clear away organic debris in your yard that might attract these pests.

What to do if you already have an ant problem indoors or on your property

To curb ant activity in your home and to prevent against re-infestations, contact Greenway Pest Solutions today! Our locally operated NM pest control company offers effective and ongoing home pest control services in Corrales, Albuquerque, and Las Cruces, as well as throughout our New Mexico service area.

Ongoing home pest control services that target ants & other pests

When you sign up for our year-round home protection, we’ll send out a highly trained and fully licensed pest control specialist to identify the root cause of your ant infestation, provide pest treatments, and make sure these bugs don’t re-visit your home. What’s more, our premium pest control plan not only targets ants, but also spiders, boxelder bugs, centipedes, paper wasps, and several other house-infesting pests.

Don’t wait for ants to take over, request a free quote from Greenway Pest Solutions at the first sign of a problem!

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