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What Should I Do If I See Roaches In My House?

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Discovering a roach in the house is a common and unsettling experience. It can happen in various ways. You might spot one on the wall or floor during a nighttime bathroom visit, see one scurry into a crack when you open a cabinet, or wake up to find one crawling on you. Yuck! But their ability to gross you out isn't the worst part about having roaches in your home. Let's look at what you can do about roaches when you find them in your home and discuss why it is important to take steps to keep these insects outdoors.

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How do roaches get in?

A cockroach does not have the ability to chew through wood. If you find one in your home, there is a good chance you have an entry point. Here are a few common entry points cockroaches use:

  • Gaps under or around exterior doors
  • Gaps in the frames of doors and windows
  • Gaps around pipes and A.C. wires
  • Cracks in foundations
  • Gaps in eaves, soffits, or fascia
  • Ripped screens
  • Unprotected vents or weep holes

 Once inside your home, a cockroach can explore every inch. It scales walls and runs across surfaces with ease. But it will have an easier time if it can find access holes.

  • Gaps around pipes underneath your sinks
  • Gaps in baseboards or crown molding
  • Damaged floorboards
  • Rotted wood cavities
  • Damaged wall outlet and switch panels
  • Damaged seals around ceiling fans and other fixtures

The first step in managing cockroaches is to limit their ability to enter your home and make it difficult for them to pass in and out of your exterior walls, floors, and ceilings.

Can cockroaches make me sick? 

Yes, it’s entirely possible. The three common cockroaches in our New Mexico service area are German, American, and Oriental cockroaches. They are a threat to health.

  • German cockroaches are common indoor pests. They are so common that many never venture outdoors. Since they are indoor pests, they're only exposed to unsanitary conditions in your home. A clean home will reduce the risk of illness.
  • American cockroaches commonly live indoors but may move in and out of structures because they require high moisture. When they go outside, they can expose themselves to dumpsters, exterior trash, sewers, compost, and more.
  • Oriental cockroaches also need a lot of moisture to survive. They're commonly found in sewers or in the decaying liquid at the bottom of trash receptacles. 

Cockroaches are dirty insects that have no business being inside your home (or business).

What attracts cockroaches to a home?

You can deter cockroaches by sealing the exterior of your home, but if roach pressure is high, they'll find a way in. We recommend taking steps to reduce attractants.

  • Remove leaf litter that provides a damp hiding place.
  • Keep trash receptacles clean as the scent can lure roaches.
  • Remove junk piles. Cockroaches are attracted to tight spaces.
  • Trim vegetation, keep grass cut low, and pluck weeds to reduce humidity.

Cockroaches don't target every home equally. They prefer to explore the exterior of homes that have damp and dark hiding places and potential food sources.

When cockroaches get inside, a few factors can make them want to stay. Here’s how to make your house less hospitable to these vile pests:

  • Repair damaged plumbing and faucets.
  • Install a dehumidifier if you have humid indoor spaces.
  • Keep your counters and floors clean and free of food debris.
  • Store food items in sealed containers.
  • Pick pet food up after mealtimes.

Addressing these attractants requires some effort, but it is well worth your time. Managing moisture and keeping your home clean will deter a wide range of pests, not just cockroaches.

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